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Perception TVCDN™ delivers end-to-end IPTV and OTT TV services using its unified TVCDN platform which brings together advanced online video platform features with our own content distribution technology.


Ideal for telcos, ISPs, broadcasters, channel and content owners looking to provide their own TV services. Our multiscreen TVCDN provides a unified solution, optimised for WAN on-net deployment or to power OTT delivered service.


This one-stop shop brings together the most advanced internet video platform including subscriber management and payment with our own TVCDN infrastructure delivering linear channels with automated catch-up, video on demand and cloud PVR features to users anywhere. 


In successful commercial use for over 15 years, Perception is a proven solution offering both on premise private CDN solutions and a fully managed platform-as-a-service cloud proposition which is rolling out globally in 2021.

Management Team

Matt Vidmar
Chairman and CSO

Matt (Matjaz) Vidmar's IPTV knowledge goes back to the year 2000, where he deployed a world first award winning IPTV service in Mumbai. In 2005, he started the Vision Group, launching Playout247 followed by Vision247. The group grew to 5 companies all operating in IPTV/OTT related sectors. In 2019 he exited Vision group, focusing on the Perception business becoming a major TVCDN technology and services provider. 


As a strategic visionary and innovator alongside his business skills, Matt provides the company with a balanced view of technology and business strategy addressing new markets and the future growth of the company including the Perception platform product evolution. 


As Chairman and Strategy Director, Matt is now focused on growth funding and driving the Perception TVCDN strategy into managed cloud services with a focus to also introduce own brand B2C OTT multi-play content service in 2021. 

John Mills

John Mills was  Commercial Director at HomeChoice, the UK’s first consumer IPTV platform, prior to co-founding Vision247 as CEO in 2007. Building on a base of traditional broadcast services, John lead expansion into internet TV services delivering over 150 online channels including the first hybrid internet/DTT service on Freeview.

His pioneering background and broadcast business expertise provided the ideal basis to lead the global licensing of Perception’s award winning on-premise IPTV/OTT multiscreen platform.

John now leads the next phase of Perception’s development as CEO of Perception TVCDN Ltd, responsible for the delivery of its new fully integrated global TVCDN.

Gregor Fuis

Gregor Fuis has acquired his IPTV expertise at Iskratel, the market leading company in this field at the time, from 2003 through until 2012, covering a variety of senior product and engineering roles. He joined Vision Group as CTO in charge of the software development and operation in 2012.


Gregor provides an immense wealth of IPTV/OTT knowledge especially related to the provision of services for Telco grade white-label customers.


He now serves as CTO of Vision Technologies and MD of Fora d.o.o. subsidiary, the company responsible for Perception software development.

Peter Cox

Peter Cox's background was corporate working in the FMCG market moving into the technology space with brands such as Sony, Panasonic. Moving to the wireless market he joined O2, responsible for driving channel distribution growth in the UK and Europe.

He brings an in-depth knowledge of the corporate world, its operational methods and now a deep understanding of the transition underway within these businesses as they look to integrate TV into a growing mix of fixed and wireless consumer services.

Peter is CMO, responsible for the strategic direction of the company’s core marketing activities and its execution throughout the world.

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