Key user features

A proper TV experience

Interactive EPG

  • 7 days forward / backward program information fed via APIs

  • Full program metadata for each show

  • Instant access to live TV viewing, catch-up and nPVR recording 

Ultra fast channel change

  • Swipe up and down for channel hopping or use the drag-out side bar menu

  • Perception has one of the fastest channel change times on the market due to unification of CDN and OVP

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The diagram provides a high level summary of the network architecture of a typical Perception deployment within a Telco environment.


The diagram shows:

  • Frontware: the front end user interface

  • Middleware: the middleware components that constitute Perception such as the application and database servers

  • CDNware: the Perception streaming servers and load balancers

  • Encoderware: the ingest part of the platform

  • the APIs that manage the data between an operator’s OSS/BSS and Perception’s database

  • It also shows the content source and data inputs into Perception such as the live content, files for VOD, metadata and EPG data ingestion.

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Platform schematic

Perception provides a unified solution across the key elements of the online TV delivery chain. This means no need for a multi vendor approach with all the executional risk that entails.

Perception cloud services including a full range of user apps can be launched in a matter of a few weeks and on-premise deployments within two months.

Perceptions pre-integrated TVCDN components can also be installed and commissioned remotely as the the whole software stack is modularised with all API's developed and tested over many years

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Fast to market

Key benefits 

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