Perception TVCDN Deployments


SaaS on-premise deployments are done in telco's data centres directly peered with telco's WAN and its external internet transit provider/s.

In turn, Perception TVCDN private cloud is hosted in data neutral independent data centres peered directly with tier-1 internet transit providers, including interconnected with local internet exchange in any given region where the new CDN POP node is deployed. 

Perception platform is deployed so far in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North & South America and its first Asia deployment is in works.

Selected example deployments are shown below:

Elastic B2B2C TVCDN Cloud


Perception's TVCDN central hub with redundant nodes in Ljubljana and London serves as elastic master control node. EU hub is the first of many to be deployed and linked globally providing a true and unique TVCDN specifically designed and built for the delivery of live and on demand feature rich TV. The platform is capable of delivering multiscreen TV throughout the global regions by rapid scale up by adding extra continental origin/edge nodes and including POP edge servers as required within partner telco/ISP's walled garden data centres.