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Perception TVCDN Deployments


SaaS on-premise deployments are done in telco's data centres directly peered with telco's WAN and its tier-1 internet transit providers.

In turn, Perception TVCDN private cloud is hosted in data neutral tier-1 peered independent data centres, including interconnect with local internet exchange/s in any given region where the new CDN POP node is deployed. 

Perception platform is deployed so far in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North & South America and its first Asia deployment is in works.

Featured Case Study Deployments:

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In Flight Entertainment
OTT Service

Starlink OTT_edited.png

Video entertainment in-flight has traditionally been delivered via expensive on-plane IFE installed servers. The door is now open by LEO internet operators like Starlink for more cost-effective in-flight OTT cloud driven solutions where streamed delivery of content to the airplane seat via BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is now becoming a profitable scenario, especially for budget airlines. Perception and GDC Media partnered to launch ad-funded TV services for airlines comprising linear channels with catch-up and VOD content which can be streamed or downloaded prior to the flight. This will enable passengers to enjoy TV entertainment over the satellite broadband connection during the flight on their own mobile device.

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