Fully Managed Head End Services

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Perception TVCDN offers a range of IaaS head-end services to support the growing need for outsourced content management. If the requirement is to distribute your content without owning the infrastructure or recruiting the expertise, our end-to-end services and our expertise provide all-inclusive solution from transcoding, TV channel playout and stream monitoring, releasing IPTV and OTT operators from hardware infrastructure ownership and admin overheads. 

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Content Flow Integration Architecture

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Perception TVCDN™ Cloud Platform is a unified architecture, designed ground-up to enable rapid integration of any type of content contribution. We provide automated online content ingest workflows designed around the client’s needs. Content can be ingested from any remote source via IP directly into the Perception cloud fabric ready for delivery to all the user base or just to a selected target group.

Content Ingest

Perception TVCDN cooperates with number of satellite down-link facilities across all 6 continents with capability of receiving live streams and VoD content over direct secure IP. All latest video and audio codecs are supported.

Live channel contribution via secure IP:

  • Perception recommends SRT, the latest very resilient transport protocol that delivers high-quality video at low latency over noisy public networks. Appropriate signal levels, quality of IP transit and encryption requirements are reviewed to establish minimum service level requirements. 

  • Or Zixi workflow can be integrated for centrally provisioned, deployed, managed and monitored stream delivery.

Live streams and VoD contribution is managed via secure online ingest/upload with support in multiple formats together with accompanying metadata.