Next Generation TVCDN

Perception TVCDN is first to unify the content distribution network with the advanced feature set necessary for a full-service internet TV experience. 

Our TVCDN is a specialist infrastructure being rolled out world wide to enable high quality streaming of multichannel TV services and other content.


Core streaming nodes are located in key strategic internet global hubs and directly connected via multiple Cisco routers to Hurricane Electric’s IP transit network. We are also peering in key internet exchanges and for any partner telco, we will install a specific edge streaming POP inside their network.


Our proprietary Perception Multicast Grid technology manages this network in real time handling content replication, routing decisions and platform management. 


Our full service TV headend attached to the TVCDN enables us not only to downlink and encode channels but also to provide a 24 hour monitoring service using both manual and automated systems.


The graphic offers a comparison with Perceptions TVCDN capabilities versus a traditional CDN.

The traditional CDN, built to move packets of data efficiently across long distances requires significant integration with third party platforms to deliver live and on demand TV especially when live rewind or visual scrubbing are required . 

The more third party integration points, the more prone a platform becomes to technical issues and increased cost of operation.

Architecture schematic details the components of the Perception TVCDN platform from ingest of multiple format feeds through to multiscreen apps:
Perception TVCDN Architecture Schematic_v10.png

TVCDN Solutions

Perception TVCDN can be deployed three ways  to suit client and market requirements. However, should these deployments not fit the requirement, the Perception platform and its development team can offer bespoke variants to suit client needs. 

  Managed TVCDN Services  >>  Private OTT PaaS  >>  Private WAN SaaS  

Automated TV Channel Playout - Big Opportunity for Telcos

Delivering internet TV services is typically an expensive process for telcos involving complex technical integration projects with multiple vendors and protracted and expensive content negotiations.


With high speed mobile broadband growth, the opportunity lies more in the provision of cheaper OTT TV packages rather than full STB IPTV services. However the rise of players like Netflix makes many telcos wonder whether they can compete. Perception CDN offers telcos an alternative.


Perception allows telcos to offer attractive linear TV channel packages not typically provided by SVOD players, turned into searchable, catch-up TV experiences by our technology. This delivers a "TV in your pocket” proposition, providing subscribers with a convenient way of watching TV on the go, with full control over the viewing schedule. Third party SVOD can also be enjoyed within these apps if deals are done.


Our solution is provided on a fully managed basis, taking care of service delivery, end user apps, billing integration and content licensing. All this is provided on an op-ex based pricing model, sharing the revenue rather than requiring expensive cap-ex and manpower investments.