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Next Generation TVCDN


Perception TVCDN™ was the first end-to-end solution introducing to the market truly unified streaming cloud platform - the multicast mesh grid powered content distribution network with the advanced IPTV feature set embedded directly in the CDN layer, providing full tech stack necessary for a full-service internet TV experience including the most advanced TV commerce. 

Above architecture schematic details the key components of the Perception TVCDN unified platform from ingest of multi-format feeds through to multiscreen apps.

Perception TVCDN unique mesh infrastructure is being rolled out world-wide to enable high quality low latency streaming of multichannel live TV and on demand content.


Unified origin/edge POP streaming nodes are located in key strategic global internet hubs and directly connected via core routers to Tier-1 IP transit network providers. Perception also fully supports POP nodes within Telco partners’ private walled garden network, with support for direct peering or connectivity can be established via key regional internet exchanges.


Perception Multicast Grid proprietary technology manages the network in real time, handling content replication, routing decisions, platform management and network monitoring. 


As integral part of the full service, TV headend services include satellite downlinking, transcoding and video/audio QoS 24/7 monitoring service utilising automated systems and human operator video gallery.

Perception TVCDN Architecture Schematic_v11_600ppi.png

Ordinary CDN vs Perception TVCDN

CDN vs TVCDN table offers a comparison with Perception TVCDN capabilities versus a traditional CDN.

The traditional CDN, built to move packets of data efficiently across long distances requires significant integration with third party platforms to deliver live and on demand TV, especially when live rewind and visual scrubbing with full preview are required. 

The more third party integration points, the more prone a platform becomes to technical issues and increased cost of operation.


TVCDN Managed Solutions

Perception TVCDN service can be deployed as on-premise SaaS or as white label fully managed cloud PaaS  

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>Private OTT cloud CDN PaaS<
>On-premise IPTV CDN SaaS<

End-to-end Video Streaming Solution

Channel operators and content owners often wish to deliver direct to consumer using their own apps or websites. Today, this requires a CDN and an online video platform. Perception TVCDN unifies these elements providing high quality global streaming with a fully unified on-line video platform built in.


Uniquely, our CDN automatically turns linear TV channels into searchable catch-up TV experiences for viewers.


Viewers can rewind with the current show or scroll backwards for several days to access any previously broadcast show. Content for which catch-up TV rights are not available can easily be disabled. Our platform wide metadata search also allows viewers to easily find any specific show on any channel within the catch-up window.

Our CDN charges are highly competitive and what’s more, clients get all of the advanced online video platform feature set including 7 day EPG, automated multi-day catch up, cloud PVR and subscriber management included.


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