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The Original Unified Platform

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Perception TVCDN platform is available out-of-the-box with subscriber management, payment gateway and invoicing, AI driven analytics and content recommendation and with 10 native TV apps which can be custom branded via simple to fill in GUI template. 

A Complete Unified OVP Platform


The diagram provides a high level summary of the network architecture of a typical Perception deployment within a telco environment.


The key platform modules are:

  • Frontware - the front-end user interface video player apps - web, mobile, connected TV and custom Linux and Android STB.

  • Middleware - the core logic and admin components that constitute Perception back-office such as the application and database servers.

  • CDNware - the Perception streaming servers and load balancers.

  • Content Sources - live stream, video files and metadata inputs into Perception such as the live TV channels, VOD files & metadata and EPG data ingestion.

  • Encoderware - the ingest transcoder part of the platform.

  • Unified APIs - control and data interfaces that manage the data and process flow between all modules, including communication between an operator’s OSS/BSS and Perception’s database.


Connected TV apps for:

Apple TV logo.png
Amazon fire TV.png

Below table presents key advantages of fully featured IPTV app vs reduced features mobile OTT app:


*Modules which are typicaly switched off in mobile apps due to Apple and Google app store limitations and high cost of payment transactions.

Key Features:

A Proper TV Experience
  • Interactive EPG
    • 14 days EPG (7 days forward/backward) program information fed via API

    • Full program metadata for each show

    • Instant access to live TV viewing, catch-up and nPVR recording 

  • Ultra fast channel change

    • Swipe up and down for channel hopping or use the drag-out side bar menu

    • Perception has one of the fastest channel change times on the market due to unification of CDN and OVP

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