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Perception TVCDN is proud to work with some of the most exciting and leading companies in our industry. Listed below are selected partners whose products and services help deliver the Perception TVCDN Platform.

Technology Partners

Perception TVCDN was the first platform promoting and ready for telco multi-play services delivery. Perception integration team has waste experience with third party integration, from e-shop to social media platforms, working with tech/market leaders in each respective field.


Content Partners

To kick start new OTT or IPTV start-up deployments, content aggregation is as important as technology platform. Perception has experienced content acquisition agency department and number of regional partners who can help to design bespoke content bouquets per-spec as desired by any particular operator. Turn-key content services include content sourcing, licensing agreements consultancy and content ingest & packaging

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Join us as a Content Partner 

Flexible Monetisation
For each content title item, the content contributing partner can choose to earn royalties based on: 

  • Streamed Total Time (minutes per month), 

  • Streamed Total Transit (GB per month),

  • PPV Revenue Share (VOD rentals and purchases per month), 

  • Subscriptions Revenue Share (SVOD and Channels per month), 

  • Ad impressions (AVOD and FAST CPM sales per month),

  • or any combination of above options.

5 ways to monetize your content.jpg

Direct and Syndicated Reach
Content titles and channels published via Perception TVCDN platform can also be available through smart syndication to 3rd party social media and telco IPTV platforms for delivery to any region as per given content licence permissions. Perception platform is supporting delivery to all popular devices — Fire TV, phones, tablets, Smart TVs and Web browsers.

Comprehensive Analytical Reporting 
With performance metrics such as minutes streamed, number of subscribers, projected revenue and payment history, partner can control and optimise the way their content is offered and promoted to desired target users in any target region worldwide.

*Please send us short email explaining your partnership opportunities; please specify the type of your partnership prime focus: 

  1. Content Contributor, 

  2. Technology Partner, 

  3. Reseller Partner,

  4. White-label OTT Operator,

and we will email you relevant partnership information pack with request to setup time for video conference call to discuss your exact partnership opportunity in full detail.  

Join as Content Partner

Document Downloads

Rapido for Telco Presentation_title slide.png

Rapido Telco Presentation document scope is:
• to educate service operators and content partners about Perception platform features and capabilities; 
• for content providers to see what their potential revenue share earnings can be; and 
• for telco resellers to see what their potential revenue share earnings can be.
Rapido is Perception’s B2B2C content aggregation platform.

Christian channels.png

Guidance for Christian Content Providers: 
Optimizing Distribution Across Telco IPTV and OTT Services Globally
Perception offers a comprehensive content distribution service on a global scale, inclusive of SRT feed delivery, live TV and VOD transcoding, along with local language EPG and VOD metadata processing.

Wholesale OTT IPTV platform.png

Perception TVCDN cloud solution was designed from the start with the focus on empowering global Telco, ISP and MVNE wholesale operators, providing them with centrally or regionally controlled service instances powered from the same cloud infrastructure, which is easily scaled up at the industry's best price-to-performance ratio.

HbbTV IBB World Map.png

HbbTV Delivers Huge Benefits to DVB Broadcasters
HbbTV is aimed at harmonizing the broadcast and broadband delivery of TV entertainment services via utilising familiar EPG TV channel store to also host HbbTV apps so that traditional DVB viewer can access smart TV apps via familiar EPG interface.  

Legacy sys upgrade.png

Easy Legacy Platform Upgrade

Perception provides to incumbent operators who are looking to modernise their legacy solution a rapid service evolution path to upgrade seamlessly to a new, ultra-cost-effective unified media platform. 


Perception can supply competitively priced HDMI TV stick OEM Android TV STB devices, Operator Tier or Google TV Certified models are available. 

Platform Comparison.png

To analyse the Perception platform against competing solutions, you can create a simple key features and platform modules comparison table by downloading this handy template.

Film Cloud.png

Film Cloud - Next generation solution for remote live preview of location camera shots and post review of dailies and post-production video output, with support for unlimited multi-camera video and audio inputs including with support for subtitles, mark-in points and production scripts. 


Perception user guides basics is a short generic summary document of key features and it also includes answers to popular frequently asked questions; scope was to provide quick overview of our app capabilities.


Perception NewWave™ is the next generation OTT SUPER-APP platform extended with 3rd  party app launcher, TV-commerce and social media feature set enabling best of class user engagement

Perception 6 revenue channels.png

Perception TVCDN™ 

complete platform explained in six pictures


Perception TeslaTrans
Head-end IRD / IP Encode / IP Transcode Platform Powered by NVIDIA GPU transcoding engine

Universal wallet front page.png

Custom branded and configured User Wallet can be connected to a number of popular payment processing networks to accommodate any payment method


Elegance of the private TVCDN cloud which can be fine-tuned to the exact needs of the application ecosystem

Custom integration option for Perception TVCDN platform delivering next generation user experience via interactive video overlay Call-to-Action Advertising 

Next Gen Ad Agency PaaS.png

Partnership opportunities for the workflow integration of the most advanced IPTV/OTT targeted TV advertising

Perception brochure thumb pic.png

Perception TVCDN platform product info brochure 


We have a number of Job Vacancies in our Ljubljana office and invite local and international applicants to join our team in beautiful Slovenia.

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