Fully Managed Head End Services

Perception CDN offers a range of head end services to support the growing need for outsourced content management. If the requirement is to redistribute your content without owning the infrastructure or recruiting the expertise, these services and our expertise provide the solution.  






Perception TVCDN operates two satellite down-link facilities in London and Slovenia with the additional capability of receiving content over direct IP or in more traditional physical formats, with most video and audio codecs are supported.

Appropriate signal levels, quality of IP transit and encryption requirements are reviewed to establish minimum service level requirements. 


The IP contribution of channels uses Zixi and SRT,

 - Zixi integrating four crucial elements that enable video workflows to be centrally                     provisioned, deployed , managed and monitored.

 - SRT is a transport protocol that delivers high-quality video at low latency over noisy,               public networks like the Internet  (we are member of SRT consortium)

Automated VoD upload is also available for on demand content in multiple formats.